April 6th, 2007

Saturday, April 7

Panel 1: I thought John was talking to Elly. It's Mike. John is crunching the numbers -- has this been discussed in the strip before, or only in the letters? Why is there a dash between the mention of the Sobinskis and the book advance? It comes off as if John paused to get the taste out of his mouth before going on to the untainted money.

Panel 2: Oh, A house. And "in this neighborhood," not a house, period. And of course Deanna has to jump right in with "Don't be scared!" as if coaxing Robin down a slide.

Panel 3: Would what? Seriously, I'd like to know. What was wrong with renting an apartment before? And wouldn't the cost get higher the closer to Toronto? How far is Milborough to TO today?

Panel 4: Shut. The. Frak. Up. Cookie Monster and I talk all the time about buying a house. It's what grown-ups do. If they can and want to, of course. But the way Mike is whimpering, you'd think he was 18, not 30. Gordon has a house, Granthony has a house and he's younger. Forget what I said earlier: GROW. The. Frak. Up.


At least it's out in the open.

And, this would be the perfect opportunity to inspect the elephant in the room: The Planned Accident. They won't, though. They'll just move on. As if the Sensitive Artist did not just insult his wife, and in front of his dad.