April 5th, 2007

Friday, April 6

Panel 1: Looks like they never had their talk. And why is Elly asking April? If she was home all along, and saw Liz leave through a window, perhaps Liz has a point about having no privacy. Does she have to tell Elly everything she does, and does Elly have to go through third parties? If she was just driving up when Liz was leaving, then that's just sitcom timing: mildly irritating but acceptable. Something has to turn the convo towards Liz's apartment hunt.

However, if I were April, I would say, "I don't care where that bitch goes, as long as it's away from me." Once again, April is of no concern to anyone.

Panel 2: Well, at least Elly's not all "Oh, no, not delicate Lizzie! She can't leave the nest!" But I know how this is going to go: April's nonsense about wanting her own room WITH THE FURNITURE THAT SHE PAID FOR is just something she'll have to get over.

Panel 3: See, everyone's on board except the Delicate Genius. And the Pattersons Redux could ALREADY have found "something," but forget that.

Panel 4: Why? For form's sake. And so John can whine and show his lower teeth until Deanna gives in.

Panel 5: What?


Seriously, what?