April 3rd, 2007

Wednesday, April 4

"An'"s: Two.

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: Since when do people get congratulated for having a birthday? I guess when they're a Patterson, and they get tonguebaths for everything they do, no matter how mundane, how many other people have done the same thing, and how little input they had in it. And "never been kissed"? Does any HS student say that nowadays? At any rate, we know it's not true, so I wonder if this is leading in to Gerald having shot off his mouth (if nothing else)?

Panel 2: Ach! He is talking! And the other guys have bad teeth! She's going to have her rep destroyed without even having done anything! I WONDER if this will cause her to have second thoughts about Becky. As I've said fifty-three times, we only had Duncan's word, in the strip, on her giggishness.

Panel 3: Ho. Lee. Crap.

And I've seen caricatures of Jimmy Carter that were more flattering than the guy who's saying "He had to sneak out the back door." And April looks like Clara Bow, in that scene where she signed over $20K to cover her casino markers. Tiny little woman, surrounded by tuxedo-wearing thugs.

Panel 4: It's official. April, with L of L, is looking up, aghast, at a man, and asking why he betrayed her. She has indeed become a woman, in the way that truly counts.

Panel 5: Mother of God, can this be the end of Gerald? Pleeeeze? ETA: I understand what you guys are saying about the double standard. And that "He said you almost got caught" is light years away from "He says you swallow." But I always thought it was unfair that Apes an' Dunc were Becky's judge and jury, and I can't help hoping that LJ will for once come down on the side of Gossip Is Uncool and Hurtful. She'll never redeem Becky, of course, but I can pretend that April being upset about this means that Becky had a right to be upset that she was gossipped about.