March 30th, 2007

Saturday, March 31

The impact of this strip has largely worn off, so I'll keep my comments to a minimum.

Panel 1: You know what's odd? Warren and Liz, in this panel, are talking and acting in a way that would be perfectly appropriate for a couple April and Gerald's age. Meanwhile, Apes an' Ger had been acting in a way that, except for the fleeing from parents, would be typical with a couple Liz and Flyboy's age. Liz had really better rethink that "I'm more grown-up than April" theory.

Panel 2: Now, what does he mean by "get together"? And what does Liz think he means? Get together for a date, or get together as a couple? At any rate, the pose is somewhat disturbing. He's grabbing her arms and she's pushing him away. Not terribly romantic.

Panel 3: Cripes. Another frantic, begging suitor. This time, although Liz looks terrified, she manages to gasp "Yes." Actually, I'm not sure about her being terrified. What this really reminds me of is a scene in a war movie, where the soldier says goodbye to his girl, and makes some frantic declaration, and, since the Hays Code forbid the kind of kiss you'd really give your boyfriend if he were shipping out, she's forced to merely gasp and basically look as if she's having a spontaneous orgasm. So perhaps Liz is overwhelmed by passionate longing. Barf.

Panel 4: Okay. Apart from the fact that it is physically impossible for Warren to be in that position if he jumped from the steps, I'll just chalk this up to LJ's wish fulfillment.

I'm really going to be sick if we've already had the last word on Gerapril. It is NOT okay if John thinks he and Elly do not have to worry about April. First of all, worrying proves that you care. Second, she needs guidance. And I mean bad. Regardless of what she might or might not have done without interruption, we now know she's in a position where sex is an option. She needs The Talk, and she needs birth control. I went on the pill at 16; it doesn't mean anything except that you're covered if need be. And she needs parents who take an interest in her life. April is NOT okay on her own, and having the story arc end with Friday's strip is almost like saying that it would have been okay if she'd drowned in the river.