March 29th, 2007

Friday, March 30

Panel 1: Okay, this has GOT to be leading to Gerald getting busted. JOHN bidding a personal goodnight to April? And thanking her for something she's done? And April is a bit old for John to be sticking his head in the door when she's already in bed. But then, so is Liz.

Hey, I wonder if this is actually an attempt to disprove April's claims that her family treats her like dirt. See how much they care? They say goodnight to her! They're not so bad after all!

Panel 2: Oh, you've GOT to be kidding. She's really going to call a cab, and Gerald was really hanging around waiting for her to do so. Well, now we know: Liz, with Warren or alone, will catch him. What was it the Comic Book Guy said? A plot so...something...that it would make Stan Lee blush? This is so idiotic, it would make the writers of Small Wonder blush.

Panel 3: Well, we know where the bottle is. But, ditch it where? At least she sent the cab to the corner instead of the house. Still, I think this is strictly Gerald's problem. And he has a frakking cell phone, Lynnions.

Panel 4: He still has the bottle. Well, who cares. I guess if you want to reach, you could say April is a good person for not leaving him to figure his own way out of this.

Panel 5: ...


I really, REALLY hope this is not the end of it.

Seriously. If all this was, was a farce about April being less innocent than her parents realize, then it's what I feared: it's all about Elly and John. Nothing to do with April at all. How much was she into what they were doing, how far would she have gone, is anyone ever going to talk to her about birth control -- none of that nonsense. Her entire character description is that she's a teenager. A generic teenager who gets into wacky scrapes, but doesn't do anything that her parents have to get upset about.

And that's really what kills me about this. John knows NOTHING about April. NOTHING. And it is NOT FUNNY that he doesn't. He doesn't worry about her state of mind, because he doesn't have a clue about it. "What about my trains?" He doesn't worry about her being almost 16 and therefore eligible for a license; he'll probably never take her to get her learner's permit, like my dad didn't, and then mumble something about his insurance going up and maybe next year. He doesn't worry about her having a boyfriend for four years; he worries about her going on All Those Sites. If April showed up one day with a protruding belly, or flanked by cops, or didn't show up at all, he probably still wouldn't worry. He'd leave it to Elly and go play with his trains.

Oh, my sides.

ETA: And I'm adding a new tag: Train Man. It'll apply both to strips in which trains are seen or mentioned, and to strips in which John is simply oblivious to or utterly unconcerned with what's happening right in front of him. I think the tag applies to both. It'll take a while to update old entries, so be patient.