March 28th, 2007

Thursday, March 29

Panel 1: Yeah, sitcom hijinks. Elly is going to want to tour the whole house, just missing Gerald at every turn. Is Elly being drawn to look overly jovial on purpose? You know, if the price of an April smackdown is Elly getting a dose of reality, I can live with that.

Panel 2: Uncomfortable stance from April. And disheveled hair. Since when does Elly care if April has a nice evening? Or is this a "yeah whatever I wouldn't hear you if you said you put Robin in the microwave" kind of non-inquiry? And for that matter, I like April's response. "I just watched TV, if that's what you call 'nice'."

Panel 3: See? Sitcom. Elly would never grill April on what she'd been watching unless it was necessary for the plot to try to trip her up. I hate that this is focusing on whether or not April will Get Away With It, instead of focusing on how and why this happened.

Panel 4: Are the talk balloon stems actually rattling the window glass as they go through it? And yes, we get it: April's not being honest with her parents. Like a Mary Stoltz character once said, "What do they think -- that you'd lie and then TELL them so?"

Panel 5: Does this mean Gerald is on his own? I certainly hope so. I hope she doesn't feel she owes him some kind of loyalty, and gets herself in trouble anyway, trying to help him. IMO, she doesn't owe him a thing.