March 27th, 2007

Wednesday, March 28

Panel 1: So they have advance notice. Perhaps this will merely be sitcom-style hijinks as April tries to sneak Gerald out. But I'm seeing a disconnect between this sequence and the crowded-house situation. April has been in this basement for months. She would KNOW the sound of the garage door opening.

Panel 2: Why is she pulling on his shirt?

Panel 3: See? He should have planned an exit strategy. And call a CAB?! The wine did not strike me as odd, but this sure does. What teenager is going to think "call a cab"? He'd have to stand outside and WAIT for it, you know. Get away from the house and call someone from your cell (you DO have a cell, instead of walking to the drugstore and finding a dime for the pay phone). This is Mike saving his manuscript -- oops, I mean laptop -- all over again.

Panel 4: Oh, tee hee!

Panel 5: Well, gee.

That's it?

She didn't get caught.

And that's all that matters.

No confrontation that will lead to a change in the status quo.

We'll probably never find out how April really felt about what was happening?

Or is the hammer yet to fall? For one thing, does April normally rush up the stairs to greet her parents? Somehow I doubt it.