March 26th, 2007

Tuesday, March 27

Panel 1: Aha, we're cutting away from the house, back to the party, and Elly is making noises about leaving. So this will allow time for something to develop. I hope we'll drop back in on April twisting Gerald's ear. Not, of course, because Sex is Bad, but because Gerald's a jerk, and I'm not going to like it if April is susceptible to his "Yo! I'm here; let's get bizay!" approach.

Meanwhile, I don't recall Elly being this much shorter than Mike. Mike looks like he's strangling her, "crowded" must be code for "people are getting loud and drunk," and I wonder what John's been smoking -- he's looked totally blissed out every time we've seen him.

Panel 2: Yes, we get it, Elly: YOU'RE OLD. Stop giving yourself excuses to slide further into grumpy old woman-ness. And what the heck does John mean by "wonderful friends"? Is this another of his desperate attempts to find worth in his son? He rakes leaves, he carries bags, and he has wonderful friends. I bet he puts the cap back on the toothpaste tube as well.

Panel 3: Oh, of course: NOW someone thinks of April. John tells us what we already knew -- April got a token invitation to an event with zero interest for her, and that'll get J&E off the hook for the next few weekends, the same way April expressing no preference between Chinese food and pizza got Elly off the hook for asking opinions. But is this news to Elly, or just John reminding her of what she also knew? Because if she really didn't know whether April wanted to attend or not, this is not the time to ask.

Panel 4: Well, I would say I'm disappointed in April, not for doing this at all, but for doing it with The Continental, but she must see something in him that none of us do. But I wonder: Will this statement be remarked upon later? I mean, is anyone going to make the connection between April being the odd one out at home, and seeking comfort with someone, anyone, who will pay her any attention at all? Probably not, but I can hope.