March 25th, 2007

Monday, March 26

"An'"s": One.

Panel 1: All right, it's happening! But what, exactly, is happening? "What are you doing here?" does not sound promising for Gerald's purposes. And he looks like a (tall) ten-year-old who can't wait to get into the carnival. And what's "but"? Is Robin having another of his earaches?

Panel 2: Oh, so he's bringing liquor? Now, are we to assume a backstory, like he and April have been secretly drinking for a while? Or is he assuming that the wine will instantly turn April into a gig? That's an old trick, but it often doesn't work. You might have a puking girl on your hands, instead of an eager gig. And April still does not seem overjoyed.

Panel 3: April's halfway up the stairs, so I'm thinking I was right and one of the kids is sick. And Gerald's added lying and hitchhiking to his list of offenses. This is one character I don't mind seeing get assassinated, because I never liked him. But I wonder why April's childhood sweetheart is being discredited?

Panel 4: Oh, it's the basement. I forget -- did they always have a finished, hardwood stairway? And of course, April's being all innocent...

Panel 5: Before Gerald makes his intentions clear.

Well, bring it on. This is one time I'm okay with a "Sex Is Bad" message, because I think Gerald is totally the wrong guy for April, I think this is the wrong time for her, and I just despise guys who spring it on you out of no-frakking-where that they wanna get busy, and who think they're such major players that there's no way you'd say no. ETA: But I'd like it a lot more if I wasn't so fearful that April will say no simply because she's so scaaaaared, the same way she was scaaaaaared of the cockroach monsters last year, and not because she made an informed decision about what she WANTS to do with her life.