March 24th, 2007

Sunday, March 25

Panel 1: Well, I'll be. Elly and John visiting The Olds! Is this the comic everyone's seething about?

Panel 2: She's hugging him! And looking at old photos? Or his picture book?

Panel 3: Leaving so soon. In the strip, I mean. Where is this going?

Panel 4: Okay, hugging him again. And Jim says "Yes," twice, and both times appropriately.

Panel 5: The Patterson Royal Wave again.

Panel 6: Why does this get a panel? Just to show how awkward Elly is at getting into cars? Looks like it was not the boots that were the problem, back in January.

Panel 7: Well, that's a valid concern. And to be fair, she didn't say she thought it would happen tomorrow; just that it's likely to happen at some time.

Panel 8: I'm not sure, but I think there were gags, in days gone by, about Elly's memory not being the best.

Panel 9: That's kind of an interesting topic, actually. I've had family members get old and stop recognizing people*, and I was never quite sure if it bothered them or not. I had a feeling it did not, though, because they were probably past the point of knowing that they SHOULD recognize people.

Panel 10: Oh lord. I'd like to say that's sweet, but it's too close to "He's got the mind of a child" -- "Well, at least he's happy!"

*Have I told the anecdote before, about my grandmother, who was over 100, being visited by my dad, who has white hair? The nurse prodded her to see if she knew who her visitor was, and grandma guessed at her late husband, her brother and her father, before being told it was her son. "That can't be! I'd have to be 100 years old!"

Oh, and here's the Lio strip.