March 22nd, 2007

Friday, March 23

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: Glad Elly gives herself credit, because I'm sure Mike didn't. But this still seems odd. I can see crying when the book actually appears in stores, but crying just because Mike (presumably) made a speech? A speech about how he got a contract? And the "(HONK)" is a bit over-the-top. Not that it's surprising that ships at sea would be able to hear Elly blowing her potato nose.

Meanwhile, I can't read Liz's expression or stance. Is she trying to lure Warren into a broom closet?

Panel 2: Gah! "Amazing" again! Between that, and Elly's reaction, I get the impression that people in the FOOBiverse are largely impressed by the suggestion that they should be impressed, regardless of the actual merit of what they're being told to be impressed by. And Liz feels insignificant again. The first time she said that, it was because Granthony had a house and a kid. It's YOUR self-image, Liz. Don't blame others for it. AND MIKE IS NOT FAMOUS. He will be, of course: we know that. But it hasn't happened in the strip yet. And Liz looks like her next sentence will be "But I'm too drunk to care!"

Panel 3: Hah! Read my mind. And here comes the big declaration. Liz is wasted.

Panel 4: O-KAY! Mark this day on your calendars, people! Someone was clear and upfront about his intentions towards Liz! Normally, I'd be slightly ill by the implication that Finding A Man is what will make Liz feel like her life means something, but we know she's not meant for anything else, so there you go. Anyway, looking at her eyes, she probably won't even remember this tomorrow.