March 20th, 2007

Wednesday, March 21;_ylt=At4C1H0w1tijfls0LwgwSIYDwLAF

Panel 1: So they're at the party. Is that Weed or Carleen answering the door? Place is packed, and there's a "Congratulations Mike" sign that looks like Jeffy and Dolly made it. I...I don't know. I personally think it's highly presumptous to have a party to congratulate yourself for getting a book published. Yes, it's an accomplishment. But...are other people supposed to care that much? I know a guy who just sold a pilot to a cable channel. We're happy for him, honestly we are, but it does not rate a party. I think he took his wife and some other, closer friends to a really top-end restaurant. No one called for a mass tongue-bath; we just said "Way to go," and like that.

And who's here? Elly and John, and people I'm taking to be Gordon and Tracey.

Panel 2: A live band, even. Again, great for a party-party, but since it's in Mike's honor, it's making my flesh crawl. And here we go. Coy implication of "like" from Liz ("I said I was glad you were with me TONIGHT. I didn't say I wanted you to be with me any other time; get back in the queue"). And astonishment at nothing special from Warren.

Panel 3: Exposition. The woman helping herself from the hors d'ouvres tray looks like a mutant. And how many of these people are truly Mike's FRIENDS, as opposed to people who sort of know him, don't care, and are here for the free food? Since when does he have time for a social life? And I thought the Pattersons Redux were only able to associate with other parents -- do all these people have kids?

Panel 4: Notice how Liz is demurely shorter than Warren all of a sudden.

Panel 5: Okay, normally I would think, "Great, another jerk." But knowing what we know now, are we supposed to believe that Warren simultaneously dwells in darkness without Liz, AND thinks leering comments about hot women as if they were game to be "bagged"? ETA: Okay, it's a weak pun. Still, we don't have time left for another dance of deception.

And I'm not sure how I feel about April's role in this. Much as I'd hate getting a Nice Girls Don't message crammed down my throat, I'd still prefer it to Apes being marginalized back at the house. Out of sight, out of mind, and I don't appreciate that. Oh, and also, I was never cheering for Warren, because I knew he was doomed to have his character assassinated too. Why get attached to a redshirt? And Cookie Monster, sitting next to me says, "It's a done deal. No one except Granthony."