March 19th, 2007

Tuesday, March 20

Panel 1: So here we are again. At least Mike says good night to his offspring. He looks like he belongs in a Bronski Beat video. And Deanna looks smug. Wonder why? It can't be because she's so deliriously proud of Mike that she can't wait to get to the party where everyone will fawn over him. (Can it?)

Panel 2: And they're off to the races. Looks like April is playing along instead of exasperated, though, which is good.

Panel 3: Now, why is she swooping up Robin, when it was Merrie who was daring April to catch her?

Panel 4: Good grief, I'd forgotten that people do that! And does Robin have propeller head too?

Panel 5: Cool. Good thing she's young and strong, though. Anyone remember a really early Calvin Sunday strip? "Her plan backfired, Dad. I'm all wound up, and Mom needs to be put to bed."

ETA: Okay, so the official site goofed: Saturday's strip is up. Comment if you like, but I'm not going to until I can put it in context. Overall, though, it makes me want to kick something. Perhaps a Lynnion.