March 17th, 2007

Victims of uncontrollable teenage LUST! Post your speculations here!

Okay, I couldn't wait to do this. Everyone's got their theory about how Gerald an' April's plans will play out, so let's put them all in one thread!

chef_mike says: "I wonder will this be a situation where they start getting all hot and heavy on the couch and
A) parents walk in on them
B) major medical emergency happens upstairs and goes totally ignored until it's too late.

Will April go roadside? my money's on yes, just to alleviate the tension that's been building up in her with the house being so crowded and everyone treating her like her problems don't matter. Either she's going roadside, or she's going to cry on Gerald's shoulder and ruin the moment. Then Gerald will say something that perfectly sums up April's problems and everything will suddenly be better. The more I think about it the more I think that we could maybe be in for a daterape storyline (oh please let me be wrong on that)."

mst3k4evr adds, "C) Merrie and/or Robin walk in on them; hijinks ensue."

hoppytoad79: "Who's of the mind that April will have Gerald over, they'll be kissing, an adult will walk in, and April will be reamed out and only by the mercy of the FOOB god she won't have to sew a big red 'A' on all her clothes, but she will have to break it off with Gerald before she has sex and gets pregnant the very first time? Liz, of course, will rub in April's disgrace and lord over her like some high-and-mighty moral authority and preach at poor April about how stupid it was to get caught and when she was April's age, she and Granthony never did anything like that and [insert more moralizing and hypocricy]."

I like this idea from aprilp_katje: "Maybe we'll cut back and forth between Michael lovefest and April home alone with Ger/virginity in peril. It'll be all dramatic like in The Godfather, where the scenes change between the wedding and the brutal, bloody killing. Except for the whole "caring" thing. ;)"

(I thought it was a christening?)

howtheduck: "Elly says not to have anyone over, while April is baby-sitting alone. Gerald comes over anyway. The rotten kids won’t ever go to sleep and they run April and Gerald ragged, as they manage to get the kids in bed just before everyone comes home. It has been a long time since Lynn Johnston has shown a Patterson being brutalized by kids as a baby-sitter. I see repeated plots coming, and what’s more, I see repeated plots which were done better the first or second time around."

ferret_herder provides a coda: "And then right as they finally get both Merrie and Robin sleeping peacefully at the same time, while exhausted from kid-chasing and still pure in body, Liz and/or Elly come in the room, see Gerald there, and scream at April for being a little roadside ho. Merrie and Robin wake, "hilarity" ensues. *headdesk*"

ross_teneyck: "I'd be mightily surprised if this is actually a lead-in to April going "roadside." When Liz did it (OK, it's "up to the reader" or whatever, but I thought it was pretty obvious that she did) she was, what, twenty? Old enough to be out of the house, anyway. Even for Lynn's audience, there's a big difference between twenty and sixteen when it comes to being "hands-on."

I think it's far more likely that April and Gerald will be surprised while making out, the adults (i.e., Elly) will leap to conclusions, and April will protest that she didn't and wasn't going to and don't they trust her? Which will be the cue for more April-putting-in-her-place and Significant Comments. Also look for "sisterly" advice from Liz once Elly gets through with April.

(Actually, now that I think about it, there could be an interesting moment there:

Elly: "April, you're only sixteen!"
April: "But Liz was only four years older than me when she did it!"
Everyone: "..."

But that would tarnish Liz's "I'm an elder Patterson sibling" halo, so I doubt we'll be privileged to see it.)

On the other hand, every strip that is "April Learns An Important Lesson" is one more that isn't "Mike Pulls Another Bestseller Out Of His Butt" or Anthony Is Like Soooo Perfect For Liz." Count your blessings."

actionranger: "Hmmm. I think that we're going to see Liz coming home from the party, catching Gerald and April going at it. This triggers in her a flashback to being gone after, and so she assumes Gerald is assaulting April rather than a mutual teenage hormone gropefest and goes apeshit on the young man while ignoring April's protests.

Once everything is sorted out, Liz realizes she was affected by her ordeal more than she thought (especially after she sees how she's potentially traumatized April) and that she needs help. This acts as the catalyst for her getting help and recognizing that her bevaior for the last two years has been problematic.

Oh wait, no, that won't happen. I forgot who the writer is. Instead we're going to be exposed to a badly written morality play about pre-marital sex. Man, doesn't LJ ever watch television..."

I'd like to see your first scenario too.

ETA: bean_bunny didn't see this thread, so I'll add her comment: " I bet you anything they just kiss. Not even a heavy petting sort of situation, just a kiss. And someone catches them and we're supposed to pretend that kissing boys when you're a teenager is *bad*."

As I said in the previous thread, I wonder if they're going to assassinate Gerald's character for the sake of an A.N.V.I.L. Sure, I think he's a jerk, but by Patterson standards, he's been acceptable so far. So I wonder if he's going to actively put pressure on April, or if it'll be more like, they might both decide to go too far, and should never have been alone together if they can't control their Urges?

I will say this: As much as I don't want to see LJ/the Lynnions bungle a scene of teen passion, the way they bungled the going-after, we HAVE done the "Two teenagers alone is a Bad Thing waiting to happen!" storyline before. Mike and Rhetta, and later, Liz and Anthony. And in both cases, it was from the POV of the adults: they didn't seem to see any open zippers or blouses on backwards, they were just anxious about two teens being without adult supervision. We don't need to hear it a third time.

Sunday, March 18;_ylt=Avu8l4HBw6kEhZt3qOWpwzPe7isC;_ylu=X3oDMTBiMW04NW9mBHNlYwMlJVRPUCUl

Panel 1: Okay, so is this the night of !THE PARTY! or what? Mike looks as if he's winking at April. He and Dee both also look like androids. Mike is simulating a bystander at a horse race in the north of England, and Deanna is...I dunno what she is. She actually looks like they put a child's face on her. At any rate, I love how the whole thing is spelled out: "Robin and Merrie," for those who don't know the Patterspawn's names, and "again" so we know this is an established pattern.

Panel 2: Well, I hear you. But you're getting paid, at least. And except for the spawn, who presumably have a bedtime, you have the house to yourself.

Panel 3: Jeez, Robin is violent! And is Merrie imitating him, or is he imitating her?

Panel 4: Aw, the poor elephant! April, take note. They're not really fighting; they're playing Auntie April!

Panel 5: My GOD, these kids are entitled.

Panel 6: Lynn, haven't you gotten enough mileage out of the toddler-pulls-on-dog's-ears gag? (Oh, who am I kidding.)

Panel 7: She even has to give them baths. Do kids have to have a bath every single night? Just curious.

Panel 8: And she has to keep reading to them, just to keep them frakking quiet. We discussed this before, the night of the fire: the ETA: helicopter parenting* thing is mind-boggling. Read to them, sing to them, it's all good. But at some point, you have to be able to say "Good night," turn off the light and leave. They'll probably appreciate the time alone; I know I did.

Panel 9: Huh. So perhaps this is not !THE PARTY! But if it's not...then that must mean Mike spends time with his wife, perhaps even alone, when he doesn't have to! Way to go!

Panel 10: And there's the Town & Countrybot again. I wonder if April's thought balloon is in any way a foreshadowing.

*I said attachment parenting at first, but a reply made me rethink my use of the term.