March 16th, 2007

Saturday, March 17;_ylt=At4C1H0w1tijfls0LwgwSIYDwLAF

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: So Shannon waves goodbye to April (and how pathetic is that? Like they've spent a whole day together, instead of three minutes) and April switches to her real social life. And why does she have to be home by six? She was volunteered for babysitting detail, right?

Panel 2: Ah, so it is babysitting, and the party will happen, and she doesn't get to go! God damn Mike. Why should Weed's bellowing "PARTY!" have such an influence on him? If he was determined to blow money, why wouldn't he take his whole family out to a white-tablecloth place? Or take his wife on a weekend getaway? April probably would be out of place at this party, but cripes, if anyone needs a chance to get down, it is her.

Panel 3: Oh lord. Why is she so far away from him in this? Just to make room for the talk balloons? And is this leading up to April going ROADSIDE?! Or even if not, to her taking a clear stance one way or the other, unlike Liz, whose boudoir experience was "left to the readers' imaginations!"?

Panel 4: That's rather a coquettish look. One point in favor of April being willing to go roadside. (Someone will come home in time, of course.)

Panel 5: Hm. According to the letters, this is not allowed in school, but whatever. Is she reciprocating? And I'm wondering if this would be a good or bad thing. It could be good if April really derives comfort from it*; it could be bad if she's not willing after all** and it ends up being just one more thing she has to deal with. And in fact, that'll happen anyway. Because I can't see this playing out any way that does not include an adult catching them together at some point, and that will probably end with a huge scene and April being effectively called a whore. They're just looking for an excuse to ship her off somewhere, methinks.

*Which would bolster my theory that kids who have a lot of dysfunction at home are likely to hold frantically to their outside friends and SOs, which can lead directly to roadside activity.

**She could change her mind after they get into it. If a guy is rough or crude or otherwise unappealing during foreplay, it's safe to say you won't enjoy the main event either, so why continue?