March 15th, 2007

Friday, March 16

Panel 1: Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat? She doesn't even know what the word means? She's never asked her parents or a teacher? She, honestly, sounds five years old here. And this will give April a chance to spew her own glurge, therefore redeeming her for being a Martian Princess Creature, and somehow making it okay that her family dumps on her.

Panel 2: Oh lord. I don't know if I want to know what the pun will be.

Panel 3: Can we just leave it at that? Please? Pleeeeeeezzeee?

Panel 4: Oh christ. April, channeling Ann Miller, makes a joke about how mean people never win. I think. If that's what it is, I hate to tell you, Apes, but mean people often do win. Or if it's a matter of, nothing's better than being pure of spirit like Shannon, well, whatever. Personally, I'm not down with writing people off as lost causes, rather than trying to educate them and/or make them face consequences. But that takes time and effort.

ETA: And it's funny how Becky was bad for allegedly having "been there," but now "getting there" is something to aspire to. Yes, I know it's two different situations, and different interpretations of "there." But that's what bugs about this incredibly vague jargon.


Also, a few more comments about the current arc.

---As I said elsewhere, and to my mom who actually agreed with me, what's really wrong in the Patterson household is that everyone seems to be out for him/herself only. No working together.

---Word to all who said that Shannon should not merely accept verbal harassment. Who's to say that someone might get fed up with trying to get a response to their words, and take to harassing her physically?

---I was looking at Liz's recent letters, and I found this gem from January.

I'm trying to hang out with April, but she's not a little kid anymore and she resents me coming back into her life acting and sounding like an adult. I guess I'm a reminder that she's not as grown up as she'd like to be, and I have been getting a lot of Mom and Dad's attention lately.

See how she puts it on April? April's jus' jellus, y'all! Liz is so...uh, much older? Well, she always was. More mature? Uh...yeah., beautiful? Well, she has the Lips of Loveliness, but she also has the Patterson Butt. More...gee, to get around on her own? Has she even made a friend since moving back to Milborough? More sophisticated? Do tell. More of a social life? Yeah, I'm sure April really envies those court dates with Granthony. Oh, and I forgot more accomplished, because Liz got a job at the last minute from people who were desperate. I just don't see how the frak Liz is an "adult." All that's changed since she was a teenager is that she has a job and wears suits and a bun. That's IT. And don't get me started on "more of Mom and Dad's attention."