March 14th, 2007

Thursday, March 15

"An'"s: One.

Panel 1: April's all aghast. Why? Because she thought high school kids would be more mature than that? Or it just the idea that anyone, ever, of any age, would call someone retarded to their face? And incidentally, what I meant yesterday by "Someone finally said it!" is that no one's ever come right out and stated the nature of Shannon's disability/ies. They just use all this jargon like "problem with word recognition in print" instead of "dyslexia." But it occurred to me later that Shannon being CALLED retarded doesn't necessarily mean that she IS. As such, it could be that LJ is going to make a larger point about labeling people and assuming you know what they are.

Anyway, the list of culprits. Jeremy Jones, of course. Bianca and Miriam, whoever they are, but at least it's not Becky. "And that guy..." That guy you go out with, April? No, that guy over there. And of course he has a mohawk. LJ, leap in to the 1990s, at least. And what's the deal with him being there, anyway? Does he follow Shannon around to harass her? If so, that shouldn't stand.

Panel 2: Oh, I feel your righteous anger, April! And Shannon, of course, does not hate people for her ignorance, because she knows her heart is pure. And April, did you hate people who call people "retarded" THE DAY GERALD DID IT?!

Panel 3: Okay, so Shannon doesn't take it personally. Well, why'd she bring it up, then? And April, yes, they are ignorant an' mean. Unless they play drums and their name rhymes with herald, of course.

Panel 4: I don't know what to say. First of all, I'm livid that April's very valid complaints have once again been overwhelmed by a wave of glurge. How could anyone with a drop of human decency care about granola (and milk and living with the Queen of the Universe and with your asshole brother and his brats who frak with your computer and living in a rec room surrounded by other people's junk) when they see this brave, unfortunate person who rises above their circumstance? And second of all, as I said, if Shannon has a dedicated harasser, that's not something that she just has to take with gentle good humor. And third of all, WHAT ABOUT FRAKKING GERALD CALLING SHANNON RETARDED?!