March 13th, 2007

Second thread

for the daytime crowd.

Liz really does not look nasty to me in the last panel. More like, "What's wrong with her?" as if she honestly can't understand why April is on edge, or why a 26YO calling her teenage sister "Picky Face" would get an angry reaction. She must honestly think that April was supposed to smile and say, "You're right; I am a picky face! Thanks for helping me out by suggesting toast!"

Also, here's a interview with LJ.

Wednesday, March 14


Panel 2: April looks like Sailor Moon, which is a good thing. She is also not facing Shan...non while she's talking to her, which is not. And is she suppressing a non-PC remark?

Panel 3: Ooooooohhhhhhh, I think I get it! Shan...non has people being mean to her too, and that means she know how it feels, but she doesn't let it get her down, because she just sends them on a rokit to Mars, and then goes to a magical place in her head and rides her pony, Princess April! If only everybody could be like her! It would really relieve others' from any obligation to be nice in the first place!

Panel 4: Okay, at least somebody said that.

But god, do I want to hurl a coffee mug at LJ's head. So April gets no. sympathy. at. all. No one in her household gives a flying frak about her needs, and her friends tell her it's nothing to get upset about. So this entire arc really has been about putting the Spoiled Martian Princess Creature in her place. Liz is still within her rights to wallow in the Pattermanse, and dump all over April whenever she feels like it. What a steaming pile.