March 12th, 2007

Tuesday, March 13

Panel 1: Here we go. People, communism doesn't work! Like April's hair, though.

Panel 2: ::Cookie flips Liz's coffee cup, splattering her Sensible Schoolmarm ensemble. The mug rests atop Liz's bun, dripping liquid into her ears::

Aw, Lizzie, is April having a Martian Princess Creature fit in YOUR kitchen? You poor dear! And "picky face"? Are you picking up slang terms from your students?

Panel 3: GO APRIL! IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! SLAP THE BITCH! And oh, is that classic. Not just for FOOB, but there are people like that in IRL. "Oh, so what if I provoked you? Fighting's immature."

Panel 4: Oh, do NOT get patronizing. And YES! APRIL! SOMEONE FINALLY SAID IT!

Panel 5: Huh? I don't see anyone laughing.

For those who have already posted, I still don't know what to make of this. I think it won't be clear until tomorrow's strip. It could be, as has been suggested, that there was a time jump between panels 4 and 5 in which Liz slapped April, in which case we'll be told about it after the fact.

I don't know if we're supposed to think that April pwned Liz, or if April was out of line, or which of them we're supposed to be more empathetic with. I don't know which character LJ will stick with: Liz might seek justice from Elly, or April might get to school and encounter a short, squat silhouette that gazes up at her adoringly and says, "'re...awesome...April?" (tm someone else). Or tomorrow might be the Delicate Genius again.