March 11th, 2007

Monday, March 13

Panel 1: Oh, so there's a shower in the laundry room? Or just a powder room? At any rate, could this be the start of a campaign? Stop accomodating Liz and make her realize that she can leave if she doesn't like it? Although you know she WON'T see it that way: she'll just keep griping about her spoiled princess brat sister who has the nerve to use the upstairs bathroom.

Panel 2: And she's wearing her glasses. They make her look more like her teenage self, which is certainly appropriate. And John's in the basement bathroom? WTF? Is the En Suite Baaath in April Mike's room the only other full bath in the house? I thought the master bedroom had one as well. I honestly can't figure out the layout of this house.

Panel 3: Wrong answer, April. Should have left it as "Okay, I'm out!" with a sickeningly sweet smile, as if you don't care (which you don't and shouldn't) care about her time spent waiting for you. And Liz, you have got to be kidding me. Unless you honestly plan to be a spinster, as in no social life, which is the mark of the true spinster as opposed to single person, you're always going to have to deal with sharing a house with someone else.

Panel 4: Or if you just want to be aggressive, April, that's okay too. Anything to light a fire under the Grieving Widow's expanding ass.