March 10th, 2007

Sunday, March 11

Panel 1: Elly looks aggravated. The sad thing is, these days it's her habitual expression. When's the last time she really smiled -- not the Triangular Mouth of Joy, but simply had a pleasant expression?

Panel 2: A razor blade is "nice and sharp". You realize, of course, that if it was Liz saying that, it would be far more ominous.

Panel 3: What the frak is this, besides a chance to use onomatopaea?

Panel 4: I needed a moment to process this. Really, if my MIL said she was "shaving the sheets," my first instinct would be to nod politely, then go tell Cookie Monster that it was time his mom talked to a doctor.

Panel 5: Oh for god's sake, Elly. You don't have to KEEP sheets that long. You are not Sheilagh; you don't have to make one set of tired sheets with a 1970s pattern last a lifetime. Plus which, if the razor is "nice and sharp," you're probably tearing the sheets. If they're old enough to have "little, fuzz balls" on them (and thank you, LJ, for that mental image), they've probably also worn thin.

Panel 6: Now, how does Mike just appear in the doorway like that? This is sitcom timing: why would he think of his mom and his doormat talking as "something going on"? Unless...neither Elly nor Deanna has bothered to mention friction that's resulted from both of them trying to be the queen bee? And Mike is trying to head another conflict off at the pass?

Panel 7: And now there's April. Sitcom timing, all right. Why isn't she in her dungeon?

Panel 8: Waitaminut...That's not April: that's Weed in a propeller-head wig! They've switched places; Mike gets to be with his boy, and April is probably out clubbing with Carleen!

Panel 9: Oh, poor Elly. People are in her bedroom. How thoughtless of them.

Panel 10: And I'm surprised that John knows there are body parts other than legs, faces and underarms that can be shaved.

Hey Lynn, something's wrong with your strip! It's funny!