March 9th, 2007

Saturday, March 10

Panel 1: YES! She's finally asking! And Elly is giving her the kind of answer you give a ten-year-old, at the latest: "As soon as the grownups want a change." And the kid is supposed to say "Oh," and think, "I guess this is one of those really complicated things that I can't understand or question."

Panel 2: Why does Elly have panic eyes in the rearview mirror? Lady, what April is saying is that Mike and Deanna should not be waiting for the perfect house to fall in their laps (even though it will). Don't give me "enormous decision," either. Like the man said, "Make a decision. Good, bad -- make a decision."

Panel 3: And there you have it. Mike and Dee are not facing anything that other people have not also done. There's no. good. reason. why April has to fester in the basement until they get around to growing up. And Mike sure didn't have any trouble signing his book contract. Granted, he did not have to negotiate anything, but still: Dealing with banks and lawyers and so forth is something that makes house purchasing stressful. It is not a reason to avoid starting the process.

Panel 4: OWWWWOOOOOOO! Oh, the fallout from that is gonna be terrible to behold.

Panel 5: Or...not. Huh? I thought Elly adored having her whole family under the same roof. This is actually kind of interesting, if it means that she doesn't like it much more than April does.