March 6th, 2007

Wednesday, March 7

Panel 1: Oh, so April is getting a ride back from Elly. And probably got a ride to the mall through the kindness of some elder Patterson. So, spoiled princess. Doesn't even appreciate that she gets to go to the mall. Doesn't get any points for showing up at the designated meeting place on time, of course.

Panel 2: Holy crimeny. April really is invisible to her family. But...why is Eva calling out to Elly? And what teenager would loudly hail an adult in public anywhere, much less the mall?

Panel 3: Oh lord. April is going to get smacked down like a mosquito.

Panel 4: Aha! Wonder when Liz shared this helpful hint? At any rate, it certainly worked; clearly, Elly does not respond to the name "Mom" any more, at least not from Little Miss Afterthought.

Panel 5: Oh, that's all it is. Well, heh. That is rather amusing. Doesn't redeem the randomness of this week so far, though.