March 5th, 2007

Tuesday, March 6


Panel 1: Okay, so they are in the mall. Is that Becky next to them? Why no dialogue?

Panel 2: Oh for god's sake. What "look"? One thing I wish I'd understood when I was a teenager is that it is VERY difficult to read facial expressions. Body language is much more clear, and more difficult to fake. A facial expression, OTOH, can very easily be misinterpreted. But April will always see in Becky's face, and Becky, what she wants to see.

Panel 3: April, I REALLY think you might be projecting. It could just as easily be that she was waiting for YOU to say hi, which of course you will never do. Becky can do no right, in your eyes, so why shouldn't she be standoffish?

Panel 4: See? There you go. She's upset because you wouldn't let the two of you be equals, and now you have a new sidekick.

Panel 5: Crimeny. I thought we were DONE with this. I thought it was over at the Hallowe'en party when she hugged you and said knowing a Patterson is more important than being famous. You're the one keeping this grudge alive.

And as glad as I am that we didn't get a lecture about REAL problems, I'm not overjoyed that the subject of April's outsider-in-her-own-home has been so abruptly dropped. Can these two subjects be coordinated?