February 28th, 2007

Thursday, March 1

"An'"s: Two.

Panel 1: "An' I could have my room back!" Propeller-head again. Has April ever seen the inside of this house, that she knows it's "cute"? Or is she being regressed again, so she thinks what a house looks like from the outside is all that matters? I realize that all she really cares about is getting Mike an' Dee out of her room already, but she needs to present a logical argument. And what a '70s sweater

Panel 2: Mike looks like a teenager, and angry. April looks 9 again, and angry. As well she should be. House, apartment, trailer, van down by the river, whatever. Just get the frak out already. Fish and visitors stink after three days, and you've been there way longer than three days, Michaelagh.

Panel 3: I'm surprised John's not saying, "But..but...That's MY house! I saw it first! Shenanigans!" Mike's face looks like a drag queen's. Deanna's head looks like a mop: I mean, not just her hair, but the size of it compared to her neck, and the absence of any face.

Panel 4: Oh, everything's happening just so fast, isn't it.