February 26th, 2007

Name Mike's book!

At nightshine's request, I'm opening this thread to a contest to name !!THE BOOK!! To suggest a title, open a new subthread. If you like that title, reply to that post accordingly. Whoever gets the most positive responses to their subthread wins. Wins what? I dunno. Maybe a poop doll? Anyway, have at it!

Tuesday, February 27

Panel 1: Great, more dog stuff. Let's get to the train house already.

Panel 2: Harassing squirrels. Wow.

Panel 3: Okay, they've intimidated a squirrel. Is this a metaphor for something? Like Granthony tweaking Howard's ear?

Panel 4: Ah, the squirrel dropped snow on the dogs! Mildly interesting, but Lynn, you are no Gary Larson.

Panel 5: ::headdesk::