February 24th, 2007

Sunday, February 25

Panel 1: Weird: a glowing green person alone on a wind-swept balcony.

Panel 2: Ah, it's Jim.

Panel 3: I'm sorry to say, I can't read his expression. Is he happy, sad, pensive, other?

Panel 4: Someone's come to visit! Bet it's...

Panel 5: Sure enough -- April! Spoiled princess, right. But John will probably twist this to mean that she's sulking about not getting attention (which she doesn't deserve) at home, so she's going out in the field.

Panel 6: Aw, she's hugging him!

Panel 7: And telling him about the band! See, that's their connection!

Panel 8: Dixie's even excited!

Panel 9: And Iris is not butting in. See, Mike: you just have to be an INTERESTING conversationalist.

Panel 10: And she's leaving. Jim looks like today was a day well spent.

Panel 11: And she even gets thanked for it. At last!

Panel 12: Cool. I don't have a grain of snark for this; I really don't.