February 23rd, 2007

Saturday, February 24

So sorry I'm late!

Warning level: Green (low). "Hey, that Warren is pretty cute compared to Pornstache!"

Panel 1: Buh? John calls his daughter "MY sweetheart"? I can understand "sweetheart," but "MY sweetheart" sounds either very creepy or very sarcastic. And I vote for creepy, since she's all tucked in in her bed. Change the hair and it's just like she's seven years old again.

At any rate, perhaps "move forward" is code for "get your own place." Not that that'll get April her room back, but Liz has more options as a single person than a family of four does.

Panel 2: Why the interrobang with an extra exclamation point? Is he saying that Paul is not even worth having to get over? Is he impatient with Liz's histrionics? And why is he pushing Warren now? I thought Granthony was Mr. Perfect.

Panel 3: Oh, so he is pushing Granthony. And since when does Warren call Liz "quite often"? I love how Liz's life choices all have to hinge on her romantic prospects. I'd look like that too, Liz.

Panel 4: Yeah, that's what I say.

Panel 5: What's Merrie doing in Liz's bed all of a sudden? And what does that last line mean? Just that she's sick of all men? Or does it have a double meaning, like men are all she can think of and she's so overwhelmed with all her suitors?

All in all, perhaps we really are about to get on with the Lovepocalypse.