February 22nd, 2007

Friday, February 23

Granthony alert!

"Quotes": One.

Panel 1: She's thanking him "for everything," and he's giving an implicit promise of forever. Also he's touching her. And Elly is making a discreet exit. This should be goodbye, but I just know he's going to hang around...

Panel 2: Wha? Oh, jeez, can't we just get it OVER WITH?

Oh, what was I thinking. This was just an interlude (a strip's worth of panels divided between two strips, no less) in the saga of the Great!Canadian!Author! And Elly, get off the cross. Howard could have been acquitted, you know. Anyway, why is April so excited that Mike quit his job?

Panel 3: Again, why is this of any import to April? Does she just get off on the idea of a Patterson getting the last word?

Panel 4: Well, Elly, you're the one who wanted the whole family in the same house.

Panel 5: Ha...ha. What IS the timeline here, anyway? Was John making the chili at the same time Mike and his kids were playing in the kitchen? What is all this in aid of?