February 21st, 2007

Thursday, February 22

Granthony alert! (Sorry, I forgot!)

Panel 1: The verdict! We're finally getting the verdict! Y'know, just today and yesterday on account of being unable to get any REAL news without sitting through the Anna Nicole updates, I've begun to think that the going-after trial is not that unrealistic. Certainly seems more sane than the ANS debacle. And they both involve a Howard.

Meanwhile, glad to see Mike is playing with Robin, but does one Patterspawn or the other always have to be draped on or clinging to an adult? I mean, are they some kind of parasites who always need a host?

Panel 2: "With Anthony." Do you mean with Anthony, or "with Anthony"? I looooooove how it does not work both ways.

Panel 3: Well, they don't execute people in Canada any more. (Right?) So two years, no parole, psych treatment, and Liz will probably say it's still not enough.

Panel 4: Can I call it or what. Now I predict that Liz will play off the term "remorse".

Panel 5: Okay, that's it. I'm gonna start picking lottery numbers. Really, Liz: who ARE you to sit in judgment? Not. everyone. had. your. upbringing. ETA: I said it below, but I'll say it again here. I now realize that that statement did not go over too well with some people, but I won't pull a Lynn and redact it as if I never said it.

My point was, I am just so numbed by the endless refrain of "But why? Why would someone steal? Why would someone cheat? Why would someone be mean? Why would someone leave the band? Why would someone smoke?" as if it's utterly beyond comprehension that anyone would be less than 100% virtuous, that I reacted instinctively. I should have taken into account that for once, an injustice has been committed against a Patterson that would also be an injustice in the real world. I apologize to anyone I offended.