February 7th, 2007

Thursday, February 8

Panel 1: Yep, Iris is explaining to Mike about aphasia. As if Mike is a child. And like a child, Mike just says "Weird!" You'd think, wouldn't you, that a person who's supposed to be so intelligent and knowledgeable wouldn't have to be told this. And that someone who supposedly cares about his grandpa wouldn't say "Weird!" Not to mention that Iris's phrasing indicates that this has happened before, so if Mike had ever hauled his carcass over here before, it wouldn't be news to him.

If, to give LJ/the Lynnions the benefit of the doubt, this is meant to be a teaching moment for the benefit of the readers,* it still doesn't work. Mike is too old for his only source of information to be people older than he is. Even April is too old, really. The aging-in-real-time device means that the ship has sailed on plinky-plunky moments. (Except for Merrie, but her curse is that she'll always be too YOUNG to learn anything**.

Panel 2: "We", as in Jim and Iris on their own, of course. And there's Mike, peering anxiously at Jim, waiting to see what "weird" thing he'll do next.

Panel 3: And he goes right back to bragging on himself! Fracking self-centered icehole!

Panel 4: Yes, he does want to be included. Poor Jim. But at least he's still cussing at Mike.

Panel 5: Ha, ha...ha. Is there nothing that can't be contorted into a pun?

*although, based on their defense of the fire story, perhaps it's simply another example of "what people do."

**I don't have time at the moment, but later I'll link to the strip in which Deanna told Merrie that Mommy had a sibling-to-be in her tummy. Merrie stuffed her doll into her pants and strutted around, upon which either Mike or Dee observed, "I don't think she gets it." Uh...it looked to me as if she DID get it.