February 5th, 2007

Lovepocalypse predictions

Let's hear them! What set of circumstances will bring Granthony back into the strip in time for him to declare himself on Valentine's Day?

-- The verdict

-- Granthony drops by just to cheer Liz up

-- Liz calls Granthony to bitch about how she never has any privacy

-- Liz goes back to MMM for something car-related

-- Elly drags Liz to MMM on a pretext

What else?

Tuesday, February 6

No Granthony!

Panel 1: Ah! He's using the picture board! But Iris still has to bombard him with questions. Leave it at "Who would you like me to call?"

Panel 2: Blackbeard? Oh lord, I'm not sure I want to know whose name he mangled.

Panel 3: Iris, don't mock him, for crissakes!

Panel 4: Aw, isn't that sweet. Not. Jim has accepted his role as a helpless buffoon. And I get it, sort of. Although "Permission to (blank), sir?" makes me think of Trek, not pirates.