February 4th, 2007

Monday, February 5

No Granthony!

Panel 1: Okay, Jim and Iris. He can say "Yes."

Panel 2: Vader silhouette on Iris. Not just the head, but the arm too -- what's up with that? And is Jim undecided, unable to pronounce "chocolate" or "vanilla" or unable to process the question? At any rate, though, Iris is letting him have cookies.

Panel 3: Sigh. Is it me, or does Iris look rather malevolent?

Panel 4: Oh, come on, Iris. You must know what he means. If you're trying to get him to say the words "closed" or "open", don't. Don't push him.

Panel 5: Ah, jeez. And she's closing them? I took him to mean that he wants the sun. Iris could try phrasing her questions differently, IMO. But who am I to say.