February 3rd, 2007

Sunday, February 4

Not much to say. Just grateful for the breather.

Gerald looks older. I will give LJ props for her ability to age her characters gradually and steadily. (With some exceptions, like Jesse's apparently HGH-spurred growth spurt.) And this may be Lynn/the Lynnion's counterpoint to Super Bowl Sunday here in the US. Football? Pah! Hockey is it!

And this punchline is somewhat worn. When Liz was about this age, give or take a year, she and her pals went to a basketball game and cheered madly. Next day: "For some reason, my throat's sore!" And when Mike was in his late teens, he and his pals were cheering for some game. "We won! We won! We did it! We did it!" Then, either Gordon or Lawrence pointed out, "Uh, Mike?...WE didn't do anything!"