January 30th, 2007

Wednesday, January 31

Fracking finally! http://www.hellometro.com/FunAndGames/ForBetterOrForWorse.cfm?Archives=0

If that doesn't work, try this: http://www.chron.com/apps/comics/showComic.mpl?date=2007/1/31&name=For_Better_Or_Worse

Panel 1: Oh, SHIT. Here. It. Comes.

Panel 2: A contract. A contract, just like that. No meetings, not even mentioned in the letters. No requests for rewrites. Just "here's your contract, Mr. Genius."

Panel 3: A $25,000 advance. For a first novel.

Panel 4: ...


If Mike were real, I would take every one of my rejection letters, which are sitting on the shelf behind me, fold them until they are all corners, and shove them up his ass until they come out his mouth.

Panel 5: Whatever.

ETA: And, I mean, WTF? The fire was on Christmas Eve. Are we to believe that in such a short time, Mike bundled and shipped the MS he ran back into the burning building for, someone read it and evaluated it, someone else drew up the contract, and now it's in his hot little hands? And that's factoring in holiday time. Or is it like it was in the retcons: Mike's been submitting it chapter by chapter...but then how does that work? If he was doing it that way, he would have had some advance notice that they were going to sign him.

And perhaps it's just me, but "Yaa-hoo!" or whatever he's saying sounds like his team won the Super Bowl. If I'm ever in that position (please, lord), I think my reaction would be more like gasping, tears and swooning. This is way too personal for just leaping in the air.

Also, this article http://www.chron.com/disp/story.mpl/ent/4508151.html has been making the rounds. Who is Deena? Not Deanna; Deena. LJ says she was "absent from the strip for a long time without explanation," but I need an explanation for who she is.

I can tell you who she's not:

-- Any of Liz's friends. Those are Candace, Dawn, Shawn-Marie, and Anita who shared an apartment with Liz and Candace post-Eric.

-- Candace's aunt; that was Ruby.

-- John's erstwhile cousin; that was Fiona.

-- Any of Mike's other girlfriends; those were Martha and Rhetta.

-- Either of Connie's stepdaughters; they were Gayle and Molly.

-- Annie's daughter; that was Leah.

-- Ted's wife of about six months: Irene.

-- John's assistant: Jean.

-- The former owner of the bookstore: Lilly Petrucci.

-- Any of April's friends: she's never had any besides Becky and Eva. Well, there might have been a name dropped here and there, but there was no significant character named Deena.