January 29th, 2007

Tuesday, January 30

Panel 1: So we just leave Liz in the fetal position. Whatever; we know what's coming. Update on Mike an' Dee is an acceptable trade-off. And April gets to be the exposition person. Is her life so dull that she gets excited about boxes? And all snark aside, if that really is everything that was salvaged...that's sad. Also, what is up with Mike's hair? He looks like Wilma Flintstone.

Panel 2: Okay, so not "everything". And now Mike looks like Fred Flintstone. April looks anxious. Gee, I wonder where M&D are going to store this lot?

Panel 3: Okay, so someone (wonder who "we" is?) has been apartment hunting. But...he doubts they'll find anything as nice? I'm glad I'm already sitting down. This really takes the Mike An' Dee Are Sooooooooooo Poor theme to a whole new level. Or does he really mean that they won't find any place with a built in grandma/mother figure/cheerleader?

Panel 4: Oh, shut up, Writer Guy. And sure enough, HE'S TAKING IT DOWN TO THE REC ROOM. I am not exaggerating and not being sarcastic when I say that at this point, were I April, I would be lugging that stuff up to the top floor and leaving it in the room (WHICH USED TO BE APRIL'S) currently occupied by my brother and his wife. It would not have ended in pleasantry, of course, but that would have been the point.

And what's Merrie going to ask about? Did Wobin wreck the po in this house, too?

Panel 5: Sigh. And of course, it's Deanna who has to field that one. Fret not, little Merrie. This IS your home. Or it soon will be.