January 28th, 2007

Monday, January 29

Panel 1: Oh great. ElizaLips gazing pensively out the window. Jeez, she's got thick eyelids now, too! Why did you think it would be a good thing, anyway? As I recall, you were in the house about five minutes before you started thinking "How strange." And are you referring to the decision to leave Mtig in the first place, or just the decision to move into your parents' house? Perhaps you should weigh your options more carefully before you make a decision.

Panel 2: Well, Liz, please don't think I'm unsympathetic, but your sister and sister-in-law have the same dilemma, and neither of them CHOSE THEIR circumstances.

Panel 3: Dang! She finally said it! Except...is this not a perfect setup to starting over with you-know-whom?

Panel 4: And here's the test. How will she react?

Panel 5: ...

It's hopeless.

Unless perhaps Liz gets counseling. Would that happen in FOOB? There was a time when it might, but now I think the only solution is to marry Granthony.