January 27th, 2007

Sunday, January 28

Panel 1: Okay, I'd heard about this but not seen it yet. The lettering is frosted over.

Panel 2: Elly's already snorting and grumbling? And you know, if it wasn't for the bun, and already knowing that she was the focus of the strip, I might not realize it was her and not John.

Panel 3: Okay, not fun, certainly, but is she holding the scraper at the proper angle?

Panel 4: Well...can't you do something about that, if it's so important? Insist that you get a space in the garage, or coordinate schedules or something?

Panel 5: I thought you organized a chore list. You don't HAVE to do all the cooking, or the shopping. And where are you going that's so freaking important? One of your retirement obligations? Remember, you're the one who was so ecstatic to have your whole family at home.

Panel 6: That's great, Elly. Neighbors are probably saying, "There goes Wide Load again." Why don't you scrape the ice off with your giant honker?

Panel 7: Well, to be fair, that is kind of a dumb question.

Panel 8: Good suggestion. John looks very apprehensive, and kind of like a teenager.

Panel 9: Now this I don't get. Seriously, I can't understand it at all. If she gave one reason why that wouldn't work for her, I might. Even if I didn't think the reason made sense, at least it would be a reason other than Elly enjoys suffering and screaming at people.

Panel 10: You mean, "Never try to reason with a crazy person." This is not funny by any means. And again I say, Elly is the one who wanted her whole family in the house.