January 26th, 2007

Saturday, January 27

Panel 1: Now, that's an interesting ellipsis. What "could..." Liz do if she was that mad? Scream? Spit? Bite a phone book? Chew with her mouth open? And what doesn't April understand? She heard Liz say that Warren took her up early on purpose. Is April going to say it's not Warren's fault that Paul cheated? Is she going to suggest that Warren did it because he loooooves Liz? Or is she just twisting the knife?

Panel 2: Whaaaaaat? First of all, "exposing Liz to the truth" was not a favor. It was done for Warren's own purposes. Liz would have found out anyway, and as I said earlier, Liz believed Gary when all he said was "...with Susan," so why wouldn't she have believed Warren? Second of all, why can't anyone get over that damned helicopter?! Liz has been in one before, and she's still stuck with tickets she's now never going to use!

Panel 3: GAH! They advanced April physically, but they're retarding her again mentally! Why doesn't she just start singing "Liz and Warren sittin' in a tree"? That said, I think the expression (bitchface AND Lips of Beauty) on Liz's face is telling. I think we're meant to conclude that the lady doth protest too much.

Panel 4: Well, that did need to be said. April is pretty damned pushy for someone who values her own privacy so much. And the count stands at four screams for the week.

Panel 5: Why does April have her mouth open when she's thinking? And what difference does it make if Warren "likes" (is he twelve, like Liz?) Liz or not? She's mad at him, and I'm sick of the recurring theme that Liz has to be paired up with whichever guy wants her, instead of making her own choice.