January 25th, 2007

Friday, January 26

Panel 1: The tear-spurting capabilities in this family are impressive, for sure. Liz can send out a radius even with her hands over her eyes. And I wonder why April is lurking, rather than being at the table or in her dungeon. I mean, I know it's so she can supply the punchline, probably the long-dreaded "Mr. Wrong" comment, but it seems awkward.

Panel 2: And now Liz goes from heartbroken sobbing to indignant outrage. "I thought it would be a nice surprise!" Nice for whom, I wonder? Liz, you may still be stuck in adolescence, but an adult, like Paul, would probably have preferred a phone call to a "nice surprise", even if he was not "seeing someone else." And April moves closer.

Panel 3: April moves in for the kill. Elly's arm is suddenly emaciated. From too much flapping? And what if he had "broken it to you gently," Liz? You'd still be devastated, except you might have heard his side of it, and we can't have that.

Panel 4: Well, I suppose that's true. Still, I'm not sure where Elly stands on this issue. Probably on the side of "Paul's a bastard who's never there when you need him," though. And Liz still has the inflated lips of beauty, while April remains mute. We're spared the Mr. Wrong pun for the time being.