January 24th, 2007

Thursday, January 25

Panel 1: Well, of course the kid has to apologize first. That's not unique to Pattersons, to be fair. But good for Elly to acknowledge that she had an outburst, too. Although the "Clean up this mess" bit will probably not be acknowledged.

Panel 2: Tea: the answer to everything. Still, perhaps this is a good sign that April's acknowledged as old enough. And I hope that Elly will follow up on the "for so long" aspect.

Panel 3: Ohboyhereitcomes.

Panel 4: Oh man. Grow Up Liz. Learn to control your emotions, don't barge into the house exploding as if you're the only person with problems, and stop being a fracking drama queen.

Panel 5: Hee! And I totally hear you, April; I had to live with the Queen of the Universe too. Back to your dungeon!