January 23rd, 2007

Wednesday, January 24

Panel 1: Ooh, SNAP! And we know Elly heard that! Methinks there's going to be an attempt to put the Martian Creature in her place. Wonder how that'll pan out. And, it looks as if April was able to lure Shiimsa down no muss, no fuss. Good for her!

Panel 2: And they expect her to live there. Crimeny.

Panel 3: See? She's going to bear up. Spoiled princess, you say, John?

Panel 4: WHAT?!

Oh no. OH NO SHE DI'NT. Frack you, Elly; frack you hard.

Panel 5: See?

Perhaps this will lead, eventually, after April vents, to SOMEONE being told it's time for her to move on. I think there's a person who would probably let her live rent-free; someone who has a kid who needs a mom. I'm at the point where I can accept that.

General FOOB rants

Someone suggested that I open a thread for people to vent about the nature of the strip. So here it is!

I think it would be a good idea if people introducing a topic would put it in the title of their post. Like "Kelpfroths" or "Paul's Character Assassination" or whatever. Easier for people to pinpoint the sub-topic they're interested in.

Also, I finished tagging the entries, finally!

troubleinchina's post below reminds me of something that was dredged up while I was doing those tags.

I think I said this at the time, but I'll repeat it. When Becky performed at grad, that should have been a glorious moment for her. Six months earlier, she was being cruelly played by Jeffo; Duncan was gossiping about her; April was supposedly comforting her but making sure to tell her it was her fault for (allegedly) putting out and that she'd been acting jerkishly. And to top it off, her parents were getting divorced, and she was getting the fallout from it.

So she must have channeled her energy into her music, partly as an outlet, and partly as an area of her life she could control. And when she soloed, that should have been her triumph. Her efforts had paid off, and she was rebuilding her reputation. Her life was not ruined, as she'd thought it was in January of that year.

But could April and co. be happy for her? Hell no! Once again, she'd forgotten her place, and all they could see was betrayal. She had to hug April and tell her that Apes' friendship was worth more than fame and accomplishment in order to be redeemed. No one's allowed to be happy unless a Patterson endorses it. And that makes me sick.