January 22nd, 2007

Tuesday, January 23

Panel 1: Listen to the Creature, Elly. Having a cat on top of the cabinet is way, way, wayyyyyyy down on the list of things to get in a "flap" about.

Panel 2: Another Elly/John hybrid. April, OTOH, looks as if she's jumped in age a bit, and good for her. Cat people: Is it likely that Shiimsa will climb down the curtains, rather than leaping? That said, I don't think that comment about needing new curtains will go over terribly well.

Panel 3: No, I guess it won't.

Panel 4: That's what you gotta do, April: dissasociate yourself. Kind of reminds me of a strip from when Mike was 12 or so. Elly wanted to talk to him about something (she was smiling, so it was not a lecture) and the whole time, he was thinking, "Mom has an Oreo crumb on her chin...If you stare at the wallpaper long enough, the pattern disappears...How'd I get green on my thumb?" Afterwards, Elly said happily, "For the first time in a long time, he really LISTENED to me!"

And remember, Elly: April is not the one who created this crisis situation. Perhaps you just need one less person and one less animal in the house. No, that does not mean April and Butterscotch, either.

Let's not give up hope. Remember, the Warren arc started on a Wednesday.