January 15th, 2007

Sunday, January 21

Panel 1: Okay, so someone's made up a job list. That's a good idea, as long as it doesn't say "April, April, April..."

Panel 2: Perhaps it does.

Panel 3: Yeah, that's gonna go over real well. Doesn't April know that Liz is all confused an' stuff?

Panel 4: Heck of a lot of laundry there. Of course, there would be.

Panel 5: Okay, so she's gonna trade all the way up to the best job? Anyway, does she know whether Mike just started the stairs or is about to finish?

Panel 6: And don't forget to close the canister!

Panel 7: Oh, come ON!

Panel 8: Oh, jeez. Please, April, don't live down to the spoiled princess accusation!

Panel 9: Uh...Okay.

Panel 10: So what does this leave us with? April's not going to wash out the recycling bins, so does that mean that the canister doesn't get emptied? And if Mike doesn't know she tried to hand off the canister emptying, presumably the stairs won't get vacuumed. And is he still going to fold the laundry? I have a headache.

Monday, January 22

Panel 1: Another cartoony-looking Shiimsa. I know LJ despises cats, but surely a Lynnion could sketch a real cat?

Panel 2: Now that's really spoiling for a fight.

Panel 3: Well, all three seem to be enjoying it. At least, Edgar looks like he's laughing or smiling.

Panel 4: And it's no use chasing a cat. Also, Edgar has horse-legs.

Panel 5: Whaddya mean, "for once", Elly? You hate cats!


I predict, as I think I did already, that Granthony will declare himself on or near February 14th.


I hope everyone sees this.

In retrospect, my posting synopses of upcoming strips was not the wisest decision. At the time, however, it felt like a good decision, because more than one person had been accessing the links by the time I found out they were available. I reasoned that if people wanted to read ahead they would, and if they did, they would want to comment. I didn't want to shush anyone who couldn't wait to register their opinion, and since I didn't know how long the links would be accessible, I didn't want to take a chance on people posting oblique spoilers.

And be honest: How many people here were NOT wetting themselves with eagerness to find out how this arc would progress? I chose to post synopses to give both myself and others more of a break than Liz got. I thought if I kept quiet, it would be like sitting cackling like Warren: "They're gonna hate it when they see it, but I'm just gonna let them walk into it!"

To those who wanted to read the strip day-to-day, and don't appreciate the threads being disjointed: I'm sorry.

To those who were glad to know ahead of time, and wanted to vent right away: You're welcome.

See, Lynn? That's how you admit you were wrong.