January 7th, 2007

Monday, January 8

Sorry I'm so late! I haven't looked at the strip yet; now I hope I don't end up like Calvin, coming home after one of his adventures, saying, "Of course if I'd known we were going to have this (for dinner) I wouldn't have hurried."

Panel 1: Well, hallelujah! Not cutting to another storyline! Are WE all strapped in? Did the heli look this sleek and sharklike the last time we saw it? And of course Lady Liz gets to sit up front, even though she's not the scheduled passenger. Does it make a difference where you sit if a heli crashes?

Panel 2: Does she mind?! Well, of course WE know she HAS to be up front, for plot purposes, but what does she mean, "Are you kidding?"? Does she mean the view is better? And they seem to be taking off from a city which features household products for architecture. (If Howard already said that, or something similar, I assure you I have not read anyone's comments yet.)

Panel 3: Oh lord. Yes, I suppose it would be great to be an eagle, if you don't mind raw food, extreme cold, and being an endangered species. Why does everything sound like the musings of a six-year-old, coming from Liz? And why has Warren morphed into Bruce Campbell?

Panel 4: Whoa. Warren and I are Ike and Mike: we think alike! And shut. Up. ObliviLiz. You ARE six years old: absolutely no concept of any double meaning to your comments.

Panel 5: Ah, jeez. It's the lips; it's gotta be the lips.