January 5th, 2007

Saturday, January 6

Panel 1: And we get reminded, just in case we missed it the first 600 times, how awesome Liz's life is. And she has a beribboned gift for someone.

Panel 2: Huh? I hadn't heard about the trial possibly interfering. And okay, so she's not going to make followup calls to let people know she's arriving early. And she'll get there at noon? What time is it in this strip, 4am? How long would it take to fly that far, including stops for refueling?

Panel 3: Jeez, somebody finally said it! And here we go with the Wright/wrong wordplay. The first of many?

Panel 4: And I assume that's a sarcastic "right". April knows you pretty well, Miss Short Attention Span. So is this foreshadowing that by the time the chopper lands, Liz will have switched allegiances?