January 2nd, 2007

Wednesday, January 3

Panel 1: Jeez, Grand Central Station! Please be Paul please be Paul please be Paul...

Panel 2: Not sure what Liz is pouting about. Also not sure if April is serious, but I find her comment funny, and it's nice to see her using a real term: "hot" instead of "morsel".

Panel 3: Well, I could do without the gratuitous "Hey I made a pun!" but I'm still laughing. And please be Paul please be Paul...


Okay, this is beyond rich. Finally, I'm willing to follow wherever we're being led. And of COURSE the first thing he says is another fawning compliment to Liz of Troy. And why does he look like a freaking vampire? Would any of you recognize him if she hadn't said his name? And how does he know where she lives? And where's his heli?