January 1st, 2007

Tuesday, January 2

"An'"s: One.

"Quotes": Two.

Panel 1: Oh, Fuddruckers! So Liz has not even left Milborough yet! No, Liz, it was not Paul or Anthony. And "escape from"? That's an odd phrasing, especially since the only one of them who needed help getting out was Mike.

Panel 2: Jeez, I hope she means more tangible stuff. We already got the anvil about how they Have Each Other and Merry Christmas.

Panel 3: Right, we were talking about that. Except, one poster mentioned either their family, or someone they know, who went back and found that their place had been looted. And just out of curiosity, what's particular about kitchen stuff?

Panel 4: Well, I can see both sides of this. April may be saying that she likes getting new stuff for the sake of it (like, oh I don't know, bedroom furniture?) or she may realize that smoke-damaged items are usually a write-off. Anyway, Liz is being overly sentimental as usual. No, you can't replace history, but people can and DO pick up the broken threads of their lives.

Panel 5: That's right, April! Use your (lack of) status to your advantage!