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The Top Ten Characters Lynn Doesn't Realize Are Underdogs - Number 9

I was going to talk about Moira here for a lot of very good reasons when it occurred to me that Rhetta has it pretty bad in her own right. Not only was she expected to wait for a boorish shlep who doesn't realize that he telegraphed a punch:

, her 'cruel' and 'horrible' and 'unfair' insistence on the 'evil' and 'wrong' belief that she's a human being in her own right reminded us that Mike is always going to be a snotty little puke who thinks that women exist to cater to his petty whims. Factor in that she lives in town by rational choice but is looked down upon by a boorish cluck who pissed himself and hid under his childhood bed the moment pretending to be a grown-up got too hard and it's not hard to call her an underdog in her own right.

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