December 29th, 2006

Saturday, December 30

Before we start, a moment of silence for daily FoxTrot.


Good on Bill Amend. He left before people wanted him to. (Yes, we'll still have Sunday strips.) And he acknowledges his readers! That almost makes me want to cry.

Panel 1: Is this merely a leading question, or is it an indication of Mike's inability to read Deanna? What does he think she'd be thinking about? As for her answer, is she really pining for the way things were? They didn't like that apartment. Even without the Kelpfroths, they were still uncomfortable. She said more than once that they had too much stuff. I think she even said at least once that she wanted to move.

Panel 2: Sigh. And meanwhile, all Mike can probably picture is the attic. And Sheilagh's sod house.

Panel 3: It is a hard thing to get past, I admit. But life is about moving on. Again, I have to admit a bias: I've moved so many times, I've lost my ability to get attached. Still, moving on has its advantages. And isn't it odd that Mike mentions a place of their own, as if the apartment, which was not the house where he grew up, was only a stopgap?

Panel 4: And there you have it. And I have to say, I'm inclined to stay my snark, if only because, as a professional new kid, I've learned to carry my comfort zone with me everywhere. And at least Mike is offering some kind of comfort!